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welcome to mad wasp radio

Hello and welcome to Mad Wasp Radio. To hear what's on air at the moment, just click on the player above – or visit our dedicated Listen page or even better, download our App (see below). To listen to us on the TuneIn stand alone player, please go here. We hope you'll find something you like and please check out our new, improved, mobile-friendly Show Schedule page to see what we have coming up over the next week. And, if you want to carry on listening to Mad Wasp Radio, please don't feel shy about giving us a few pennies via our Donate page.

Thank you and enjoy!!


For all of our listeners with Android devices, we are delighted to announce that you can now download the Mad Wasp App. Please go to our download page HERE to get it. But please remember to follow the instructions for changing the settings on your device before downloading.





We are delighted to announce the launch of the Mad Wasp Radio iOS App for iPhone and IPad.

All you need to do is visit the Apple App Store and search for 'Mad Wasp Radio' – and then download it. Or, to make it even easier for you, just click HERE

Then, Mad Wasp Radio will be just a finger touch away for you all!

​Oh, and finally, we'd like to thank Apple for their politeness and efficiency – a direct contrast to the treatment we have received from their counterparts at Google Play!



Welcome to Mad Wasp Radio, a brand new Internet Radio Station that aims to provide YOU with a unique music and entertainment experience – with the main focus on new music, quirky comedy talent from Britain and beyond and FUN!

Our musical focus is an alternative to the mainstream – but still covering a host of genres from punk to soul and from rock to house and pretty much everything in between – and with plenty of recognisable songs from past decades.

As well as catering for your aural pleasure, we also want to make you smile and will be introducing a healthy smattering of comedy and laughter to the proceedings.

We are not a community station as such but we do want to create our own worldwide community of like-minded souls, listening to, and interacting with, our shows and presenters. We also want to give a chance for new and young DJs and comedy talent to be heard on air. And we also plan to give airtime to short stories and poetry, so please feel free to send in material.

But none of this can happen without your help. We are not rich people and what little money we've had has gone into the station, so please, please try to help us keep Mad Wasp going by making a contribution here.

And we really want you to be able to listen to the music that YOU like, so please let us know what you want to listen to and what you like about Mad Wasp Radio… and even what you don't like! We will listen. Contact us at – your feedback is vital.

Also, please visit our Facebook page, our Twitter page and our Instagram page for news and updates.

We really do want to be able to broadcast Mad Wasp Radio 24 hours a day – but can't do it without you!
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please help mad wasp RADIO keep going!

We're delighted to provide Mad Wasp Radio free of charge to everyone, However, we can't keep going without your help. If you can spare just a few Pounds or Dollars or Euros (but not milk bottle tops) to help us keep going then we'd be ever so grateful.  Please click on the button below, which will open a new page, so that you can carry on listening to us!


Radio Station Work Experience

Do you fancy picking up some valuable work experience helping out on Mad Wasp Radio? Areas available include production, playlists, social media promotion, fundraising and sponsorship. Needless to say, we can't offer you any money (yet!) but, as well as helping us out and placing us forever in your debt, you can also acquire some fabulous first-hand experience in running a radio station – and you'll be able to do it all from the comfort of your own home. All willing hands considered! Email: if you are interested.

Fancy being a mad Wasp Radio DJ?

Mad Wasp Radio is based in London in the UK but we also have shows being presented from Australia, Greece, Holland, Japan and the USA, as well as Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Northampton and York. We are always on the lookout for DJs and presenters who would like to join us on on the station  If you think that you've got what it takes – and you don't take yourself too seriously! – then please send us in a showreel or examples of your work to Dee Webb at:

Send us your music!

One of our key objectives is to give as much exposure as possible to new musical and comedy talent. Please send all songs and sketches to Dee Webb at and we'll give it a listen!