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A controversial and fearless TV critic, music journalist, crime novelist, Charlton Athletic supporter and crusading DJ, Garry is one of Britain's most loved and admired personalities (well that's what he's written here). He is deeply associated with British youth cults and his love of rock, punk, reggae and ska bands, both old and new, is amply demonstrated in his specially created Mad Wasp Radio show, A  Right Punch Up The Trousers, sometimes ably assisted by Matron!


The brains behind Mad Wasp Radio, Dee has already established a cult following (and a large amount of pervy emails) courtesy of her alter-ego, Matron – the central character on the Mad Hatties Show. She also plays the homely Agnes in Rest Home Radio Dee was a regular face on the 70s London punk scene and in more recent has become one of the UK's leading champions of new talent, as can be witnessed on the shows Dee Time and the Double D Show


Recruited after successfully pouring a glass of wine for the station controller, David has loved music ever since he used to throw up in his cot, jigging along to the Swinging Blue Jeans' 'Hippy Hippy Shake'. He was once a member of several totally unknown punk bands and, as well as fronting his own show of cover versions, Under The Covers, he is also co-presenter on the Double D Show and 'plays' the philandering Donald in Rest Home Radio.

Alan May

Known on radio for the Glory Boy mod show on 6TR, Alan was rebellious as a youth but has matured like a perfect cheese, and chooses his music like most choose their wine. Expect raucous classic punk through to oi! on his Garage Punk for Boys show, while his show Shake provides an eclectic mix that explores the whole mod genre and gives new artists a much needed chance of some air play.

Mike Pougounas

Broadcast from the exotic climes of Greece, Mike's Blackout Radio Show places it focus largely on underground artists, though there will also be the odd classic from bygone days thrown into the mix. Among the varied genre that Mike covers are punk, post punk, goth, psychedelic rock, prog rock, electronica, industrial goth, alternative, soul, funk, jazz, reggae and dub – though he draws the line at heavy metal and hip hop!

Andre Leon

Andre is something of an old hand in the radio and media world. After working in the record industry and music publishing, he launched  the community station Central London Radio to offer aspiring broadcasters an entry into the profession. He went on to work at many other stations, including Invicta Sound, Cafe Radio, Capital Gold and Classic FM. In 2008, he launched UKlightradio, making many shows for stations around the world, including Sounds of the Century.


A legend in his own bath time, Steve has been in the music business for longer than he can remember. A presenter on Live Aid and BBC Breakfast Time as well as a VJ on MTV, he says working on Rest Home Radio is one of the greatest achievements of his career, though this may be due some incriminating photos that have fallen into the hands of the station management. He will also be presenting the show Weekend Waffle if he can get off a train without injuring himself.


Richard was born and raised in the UK, but now lives in Denton, Texas. His show, Granny Takes A Trip, was little more than a pipedream for over 30 years, but it's amazing what you can do in Texas with a British accent. In his spare time… well, he's a single father of two teenagers, so he has no spare time. But the two great loves of his life – kids excepted – are still music and his beloved West Ham United, because a constant source of disappointment keeps everyone well-grounded.


Host of The Left Field, which brings together music across the musical spectrum, Lee is a veteran of the video and communications industry where he has worked as a writer, director, editor, camera operator and voice artist. He has written for and directed the likes of Fry & Laurie, Hale & Pace, Angus Deaton and Rory Bremner and has even survived several recording sessions with Tom Baker! His love of Tangerine Dream will also be represented in The Larva Lamp.


Gary Goodmaze and Paul Shed are two ordinary guys who love a bit of entertainment and laughter. Having been lucky enough to experience all sides of the entertainment business, working with a host of great acts and stars, they hope to bring you a healthy slice of fun and laughter on The Goodmaze and Shed Radio Show, Join them and their showbiz friends for chat and music.


Danny was raised on the fumes of aircraft amid the gritty suburban backdrop of Feltham in west London. Growing up in the '70s and '80s has provided him with first hand knowledge and a keen eye for street fashions and cultures, musicians, like-minded individuals and self confessed poseurs – providing the backdrop for Subculture UK. Whether you are a Ted, Mod, punk, chav, or even just a lover of old telly, this is the show for you!

Jake DaPhunk

Club DJ and much in-demand remixer, Jake brings his earthy East European tones to the Mad Wasp airwaves with his snappily titled show And Now For Something Completely Electctronic – taking you on a journey through the very best in alternative dance and modern electronic music.

Colin French

Aussie Colin has had an interest in radio since a child when he ‘broadcast’ old 78s around the neighbourhood. He had his first taste in the industry as a panel operator and went on to work at commercial stations both on air and behind the scenes. In the early 1980s he produced a ‘60s top 40 show on Community Radio in the Sydney suburbs of Bankstown and Liverpool. After a short presenting spell on the Internet station The Journey, he started up his weekly Rewind To The ‘70s show – which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Rob Walker

Originally from London, Rob has surprisingly been presenting That Indie Thing for four years on various stations. Now based in the sun-drenched metropolis of Northampton, he mainly plays new and recent Indie pop, post-punk, psychedelic, garage rock and the odd slice of Surf music. Known to occasionally go off-piste with the odd themed show. He supports Barnet FC (someone has to) and was once in an appalling punk band that Garry Bushell once mentioned in Sounds. 


A self-confessed obsessive of 80s culture, Sarah is a mine of useless trivia on the decade. With an uncanny knack of bumping into celebrities, and only a few restraining orders against her, she can recall in startling detail events from over 30 years ago, but is unlikely to remember what she had for lunch. Randomly quoting old lyrics in her My 80s show, with a secret stash of neon-coloured legwarmers and naturally big 80s hair, Sarah is a walking, talking nostalgia fest of everything Eighties.

Frank Broeders

The host of The Total KnockOut Experience, Frank Broeders has been working in radio and as a club DJ since the late 1980s. Starting at his home town radio station, he moved on to different commercial stations in the south of Holland and Belgium. Since 2009, Frank has been involved in Internet radio attracting many listeners to his online radio shows, podcasts and on FM in Malta. In January 2014, he started The Total KnockOut Experience, featuring a wide variety of quality music: pop, indie, rock and dance. 

Songs of preys

Songs of Preys takes us on a mildly menacing meander down fog-laden Amnesia Lane, remembering songs from when music really mattered. The show features post-punk, goth and electronic tunes which have stood the test of time, unlike most of us DJ’s! The Anti-Pop Police will be monitoring this show closely as we introduce you to new talent in the same vein/vane, proving that this music STILL matters.

Maximum Rhythm & Booze

Hosts Jonny Owen (filmmaker/actor) Penny Lane (voice of reason) and Warren Peace (philanthropist, emphasis on the ‘pissed’), fight fire with Bombay Sapphire on Maximum Rhythm & Booze – with top tunes, barely sober banter and a line-up of celebrity guests popping by to raise a glass  to the internet's most listened-to 'subcultured' show! Allegedly.


Featuring highlights from their popular New Music Saturday podcast, join Dr. Bones and Mike Five for NMS60, featuring new tracks by independent bands, interviews, reviews, random music chat, and  some poorly thought out phrasing. Bonesy’s encyclopaedic knowledge of obscure rock facts and Mike calling everything #properrocknroll always guarantees a good show. Broadcast from Canada and the UK using the power of technology that almost never goes wrong (well it does… but we cut those bits), tune in to the show described as “filling the gap left by John Peel and the NME (when it used to be good)”.


John is a regular voice on the airwaves in his native Scotland and brings a broad church and a lot of Punk Attitude to the party. The host of Spectrum and Teenage Kicks, his tastes range from MIles Davis to The Cure and back again, but, as John Peel once said,"'there are only two kinds of music – good stuff & bad stuff". John's somewhat sarcastic, monotone style is as far removed from Smashy and Nicey as you're likely to get but hey, it's all about the music maaan!

John Armstrong

Having failed to get the part of The Master in the new Dr Who (perhaps due to neglecting to apply), John has instead created his show Tuning Up. He has been broadcasting in his adopted home of Manchester for a number of years and has, since the 1980s, been part of the underground music scene there and beyond: Performing live and hosting visiting bands gigs, in addition to writing for Florida-based Rock At Night website and the occasional piece elsewhere. Tuning Up comes in from the cold, it's coat pockets bulging, stuffed with succulent eclectic choice cuts of independent, neglected, new and not so new non-mainstream sound.


Mad Wasp Radio's go-to man when it comes to spinning the hits of yesteryear  Mark started DJing in the late 1970s and spent some time spinning discs at 247MW Swansea Sound during the 1980s. He says he loves all good music but especially The Beatles, Rolling Stones and ELO.The Cardiff-based host of Mark Langdon's Oldies, says he loves to play oldies mainly because he is a bit of an old git himself! 


The presenter of Dixieflier, Jonny has been in love with music ever since hearing Johnny Duncan sing 'Last Train to San Fernando'. He grew up in the halcyon days of the 60s and took a keen interest in the charts until the late 70s. Mainly interested now in Americana – a contemporary music incorporating elements of blues, folk, country and other forms of roots music.


Presenter of the Rockabilly 'N' Blues Radio Hour, James brings you the very best in modern and vintage rockabilly, blues, surf, early country, early rock and Ameripolitan, plus interviews with legends and new artists. As James says: "I want to show that great music is great music and it reaches different generations… sometimes it's not cool to like older music, but once you get past that, it's just great music.


As you might expect from the title of his show, Englefield Country, DJ Pete Englefield is a massive fan of country, as well as folk and American roots music. Based in Leeds, he is particularly passionate about promoting new talent and giving airtime to up-and-coming country artists.