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Richard Gibson aka "Herr Flick" of "Allo Allo" at the Mad Wasp Launch Party with The Sisters of Duras and Lorraine Lancaster



A very Merry Christmas to all our listeners, presenters and friends from everyone at Mad Wasp Radio.

We have a feast of festive-flavoured shows for your delectation, as well as several specials, including Crappy Christmas Everyone! And The John Dredge Merry Xmas Show.

We hope you have a fun and peaceful Yuletide and hope that you’ll be able to spend at least some of it with Mad Wasp Radio!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – December 2022


Thank you Amanda Austin for introducing us to Hattie and Goggy at the Waffle Christmas Lunch!

This is the spin off single from Toni Tubna's wayward ventriloquist dummy Goggy Gutton with plush glove-bunny Hattie R Buckle and a song they wrote and recorded together, with their friends Roddy & Swinburne helping out on DX7. Released Nov 4th 2022 on Gare du Nord Records.

The first spin-off single from the "When The Magic Went Wrong" project. Two renegade puppet characters elope from the shadowy world of the Toni Tubna short stories to make a breakaway pop single together. Wayward ventriloquist dummy Goggy Gutton has met and made the record with plush glove-bunny Hattie R Buckle and their accomplices Roddy & Swinburne. Papernut Cambridge Folkestone, UK

"‘She’s A Bunny’ is a lovestruck but defiant duet between the runaway puppet dolls, whilst the instrumental b-side ‘He’s A Dummy’ subs in Swinburne's benign bovver-rock guitars instead of vocals, proving that the twin concepts of junk-shop glam AND the Rupert The Bear theme can happily exist side by side without the universe blowing up."

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – December 2022


DJ SpaceTerrapin will be bringing you a new monthly show which debuts on Friday 2nd December at 8pm and will then commence on the first Tuesday monthly in 2023 at 8pm.

Deep and dark are the vaults of DJ SpaceTerrapin’s Archive, underneath Enclosure Three. However there is one bright spot, where he keeps his most groovy records…Tropicália, Bossa Nova, Soukous, Highlife, Afrobeat, Soul (Northern and otherwise), Exotica, Jazz, Library Music, and everything that warms the heart and moves the ass, in the unrelenting hope that one day his mind will follow. Maybe sharing ist the answer. So once a month he spreads sweetness and light, with the secret Reptilian Cornucopia.

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – December 2022


Robbie Maroon brings us WLOZ Land Of Oz Radio Show - A weekly, one hour show, showcasing the best Independent music coming out of Australia which starts from 8pm this Friday!

Robbie is an Australian independent artist who writes, performs and mixes his own original music. Realising how difficult it can be to reach people, he has decided what better way to be heard than to make your own show! The goal is to find the very best Aussie acts out there and showcase them to the world – and he won't be playing himself on the show.... much!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – October 2022


Jonás IH not a profesional DJ, is a podcaster from Mexico City, enthusiastic about the topics of transhumanism and science.

Wintermüte is a podcast about topics related to transhumanism, science fiction and the dark scene in all its genres. And it is great! You can hear this new show Tuesday at 6pm.

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – Octoberber 2022

RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

To mark the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at 11am on Monday 19th September, we will be airing a selection of music to recognise this special occasion. At 11.58, like the rest of the nation, we will be holding a two-minute silence in her memory.

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – September 2022


Back in February I was diagnosed with an APL (acute promyelocytic leukemia). It was especially rare as the kind I had was never seen before. From late February through early August (Almost 7 weeks).

I stayed hospitalized while recieving treatment to eradicate this. There were good days and bad, but I stayed positive and endured. My APL was found incredibly early in its infancy and getting on it immediately made a big difference. By mid May I was considered in conditional remission with a good outlook. Part of it being conditional was that there was still follow up consolidation treatment that was required. So far I've done 2 cycles of that and a 3rd will be coming up in September.

I've attempted to work between hospital visits, but that is no longer an option because it putting myself at an increased risk for unscheduled hospital stays, of which I have had a couple. All good though, as I'm still standing! So that being said I felt the need to let people know that I will be abstaining from DJing and Bartending (2 Things I absolutely love doing) as well as other work until I am 100% in the clear as far as my immune system is concerned.

I will still be making my radio show Musical Spice for Mad Wasp Radio from my home, but that is purely a labor of love and 100% voluntary. No income from that, and I am good with it, because it is a lot of fun! Check it out Wednesdays at 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT!

All in All I am truly blessed and God was looking out for me by this getting found so early and treated so quickly! Though I may not be doing any gigs as Nitro NIck for a little bit I will continue to post about others hosting shows for me or in general throughout the area.

Every year since 2017 I have taken part in the Great Cycle Challenge USA Unfortunately this year I won't be able to, as it takes place in the month of September. However if you'd like to donate to the CCRF I still suggest you do so right here.

Here is another charity to consider as well. The The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society uses money rasied to fund leading edge research for cures for the various forms of leukeima, lymphoma, and other blood cancers. You could donate at LLS Org ways to give.

Finally if you'd like to help me, and by no means feel obligated to, you can do so here ...

Thank you all for taking a few moments to hear the message in the video, I think it is important to hear! Also for reading my update as well. Cheers! - >Nick Roberto - Nitro Nick

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – September 2022

Help Davenport's Fix the Parking Lot!

Dear Mad Wasp Listeners - our DJ Emmett "Mouse" Davenport who presents the shows Dracula's Child and The Clockwork Cabaret could use some Help with her "Go Fund Me" Campaign! If you can donate to help her it would be amazing.

If you can spare a couple of quids/dollars to help Emmett it would be very much appreciated and we will leave a link to her Go Fund Me Campaign right here for you to hop onto to find some more information about the project :D

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – August 2022


And welcome aboard to another new member to the ever growing Mad Wasp Family :D - MAGICian of Eternal Fusion Radio! Yes Mad Wasp Radio and Ian are joining forces so expect to hear quite a lot from this very talented DJ on Mad Wasp Radio!

Ian aka MAGICian, has been conjuring up radio shows and mixes since 1986, alongside his own projects he has presented shows for Radio Caroline in Holland, Spyda Radio online, EYE Q Radio in Miami plus more and he is now very pleased to be a part of the Mad Wasp Family as he loves the diversity of shows and he hopes that you will enjoy the ride! We know that you will!

You can catch Ian with his Memory Lane show this Wednesday at 6pm (a permanent schedule placement will be arranged soon) where Ian trundles through his music collection remembering the sounds he grew up with and some he discovered in later years.

All tracks for this show are selected from mid 60's to late 70's covering all genres.

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – July 2022


Ha ha - we thought that would get your attention! NOW STEAL THAT STRAP LINE!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin!

We are now about 10 weeks off of celebrating our 5th Birthday! Yes Mad Wasp Radio will be 5 years old which is a marvellous achievement considering most internet radio stations only last a few months.

When we started our station we stated that we would offer a complete mix of genres and shows alongside comedy. Everyone said your idea won’t work! It is too confusing you need to focus on one area! We thought bollocks because real music lovers love all kinds of music! And we proved that we were right!

Unfortunately success comes at a price! Whilst they do say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” it is also a pain in the arse! All of a sudden we see start up internet radio stations trying to copy our format - doing copy cat versions of our original shows - stealing our written descriptions and copying our tongue in cheek style - even daring to nick our DJ’s unique show straplines???

If you can’t come up with original ideas of your own then you honestly feel it is ok to copy someone else? Really???

There is only ONE Mad Wasp Radio - we are totally unique and original which our loyal listeners bear testament to and continue to donate to keep our programming ad free!

And let us not forget that there are thankfully other brilliant radio stations out there who are unique and doing their own fantastic creative thing - and to those stations WE SALUTE YOU!!!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – June 2022


Join Nitro Nick with his new show Musical Spice!

Musical Spice – A radio program all about opening yourself up to the various forms of music and hearing new things. However it is mostly about a good way to spend an hour!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – June 2022


On Sunday 29 May, our very own Donald Strachan, presenter of Views From The Edge, is taking part in the Edinburgh Half Marathon to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

It’s a fantastic cause and should anyone care to make a donation, please visit his Just Giving page:
Donald Strachan Just Giving Page

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – June 2022


Jonny Steingold is delighted to interview Emily Duff this week on his Americana GMT show which is exclusive to Mad Wasp Radio!

Jonny met up with Emily at the Green Note in Camden Town and you can hear them chatting on his show this week which goes out 4pm Saturday 21st May and is repeated on Monday 23rd May at 7pm and Friday 27th at Noon.

Americana GMT is one of the most popular shows on Mad Wasp Radio and Jonny Steingold never disappoints with his wonderful choice of music!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – May 2022


Two very big birthdays coming up on Mad Wasp Radio this week…

On Sunday 22nd May we celebrate the 200th edition of Sequins To Suburbs – two hours of 70s goodness, brought to you by the inimitable Alan Read. Sequins To Suburbs – Sunday 7pm.

Then Wednesday 25th May sees the 100th edition of Diamond Lights Express – Mark Taylor’s brilliantly cheesy, sparkly and nutty celebration of retro music. Diamond Lights Express - Wednesday 8pm.

We have also had some other shows recently surpass their 100th Birthday At Her Majesty's (Dis) Pleasure, Old School Boombox and The Lowdown So Happy Birthday to our wonderful Presenters and Shows and here's to many more!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – May 2022


It's Double Dare week on Mad Wasp Radio!

This Tuesday at 9pm Neil Saint talks to Ian Burden about his time in The Human League and his musical journey.

On Friday at 8pm The Human League's classic album Dare will be featured on All Killer No Filler the monthly in-depth album show brought to you by Alan Read.

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – May 2022


Influential British guitarist Wilko Johnson talks with The Saint of RETROPOPIC RADIO about his journey in music.

Which British group was he first drawn towards? What was his early impressions of Lee Brilleaux? How did Dr Feelgood come into existence? Which legendary pub rock venue was Dr Feelgood's first gig in London? What are his memories of writing 'She Does It Right' & 'Roxette'? How did JJ Burnel of The Stranglers become a mate? Why was he fearful of Lemmy and Joe Strummer fighting in his living room? How does he remember key punk venue 'The Hope & Anchor'? What the truth about his departure from Dr Feelgood? Which guitarist did Wilko bond over with Roger Daltrey? What stopped Daltrey from throwing in the towel over the album he recorded with Wilko? Pleased with the quality why is Wilko nonetheless disappointed with his last release?

Tune in 9pm BST Tuesday - check our schedule pages for repeat times!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – March 2022


The Ukrainians are an English band, which plays traditional Ukrainian music, heavily influenced by western post-punk. The Ukrainians Website

Check out the great work they are doing to raise funds to "Help the Ukranian Refugees".

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – March 2022

Shows Update on Mad Wasp Radio

Dracula's Child

We promised you even more amazing shows on Mad Wasp Radio and we start with Dracula's Child - A radio show hosted by your favorite weirdo, Emmett "Mouse" Davenport. Sure, they’re old enough to know better, but they’ve never let that stop them before. Won't you join us and listen to the music of the night? They’ve got an assortment of dark, gothic & not so spooky music, they’d like to share with you.

With the resilience of a shark and swinging fists that would send any pugilist crying for their momma, Emmett "Mouse" Davenport is a high-spirited cross between a glitzy Jazz Age flapper and an in-your-face punk rocker. They're equally comfortable spending a weekend in a quiet place reading 19th century literature or guzzling down multiple pints of Guinness in the parking lot outside a club, smashing stuff. They spin an eclectic mix of goth, industrial, electronic, punk, indie, soul, funk, new wave, neo-vintage, and some good old fashioned favorites.

Catch this brilliant new show starting this Sunday at Midnight EST 5am GMT, repeated on Tuesday 4am GMT and Thursday 6pm GMT.

Blackout Radio Show Undertones New Album Special

Mike Pougounas has an exclusive interview with Damian O'Neill of The Undertones on Saturday 12th March 2022.

The Undertones are releasing 'Dig What You Need’, The Best Of The “Reformation Years” 1999 - Present on 11th March, on Dimple Discs alongside a 9 date UK tour:


10 - Sheffield, UK - Leadmill
11 - Northampton, UK - Roadmender
12 - London, UK - Electric Ballroom
17 - Brighton, UK - Chalk
18 - Frome, UK - Cheese & Grain
19 - Cardiff, UK - Cardiff SU Great Hall
31- Newcastle, UK - Boiler Shop


01 - Manchester, UK - Academy
02 - Liverpool, UK - O2 Academy
09 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
10 - Weinheim, Germany - Cafe Central
22 - Dublin, Ireland - Academy

Possibly one of the greatest pop-rock bands of all time, Derry’s The Undertones have roots that go back 45 years to the 1977 punk explosion when they were beloved and championed by BBC DJ John Peel. Songs like ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘Get Over You’ and ‘My Perfect Cousin’ are household staples beloved by millions across three generations of music listeners. The band’s reputation as recording artists and a brilliant live act has carried them through the recent two decades since they reformed in 1999 with new singer Paul McLoone. ‘Dig What You Need’ collects the best of their two reformation albums, 2003’s “Get What You Need” and 2007’s “Dig Yourself Deep”. Both albums have been digitally remastered and both are being released for the first time on vinyl. In addition, all tracks have been remixed by producer Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Elastica, Idlewild, Placebo, Julian Cope, The House Of Love).

Guitarist and founder member Damian O’Neill notes…"So dig this: Thrill Me / Oh Please / I'm Recommending Me / Dig Yourself Deep / Here Comes The Rain - all firm favourites on an Undertones set list these days, songs penned by John O¹Neill and Michael Bradley. So it's a no brainer really that all these songs (and more) should finally be included on a best-of compilation taken from the two albums we've recorded with Paul McLoone. Even better is the fact we got producer/mixing maestro Paul Tipler to remix them with fresh ears and make them sound even better than the originals. Add to that the wonderful packaging and sleeve design courtesy of Bruce and Mary from Arthole and lo and behold we have a sonically cohesive bunch of nuggets waiting to be rediscovered all over again. So dig this compilation my friends - you know you won¹t be disappointed".

Since their reformation, the band has toured several times across the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, Japan, Turkey and North America, with highlights that include Glastonbury and a pre-game performance at Celtic Park in Glasgow before a UEFA Cup play-off between Celtic and Arsenal. The band is much loved in all quarters of the British and Irish music media, with their debut album being voted into the Q Magazine Top 100 albums of all time. The band will spend March - May on the road with gigs across the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

'Dig What You Need’ track list

Side One

1. Thrill Me
2. Enough
3. Here Comes The Rain
4. She’s So Sweet
5. Fight My Corner
6. You Can’t say That
7. We All Talked About You

Side Two

1. Oh Please
2. Dig Yourself Deep
3. Winter Sun
4. I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be
5. I’m Recommending Me
6. Joyland

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – March 2022

New shows on Mad Wasp Radio

March will see a bunch of whole new shows coming to Mad Wasp Radio, including Retropopic, featuring music and interviews from the very best of 20th-century pop music, ranging from ABBA to punk… and pretty much everything else in between! Presenter Neil Saint will also be taking a look at some of the classic albums, featuring music and fascinating interviews with the artists behind them.

Also, returning will be Dan Leisey and The Metal Institution, featuring the best from the world of heavy metal., including hair, speed, thrash, death and just about anything else you can think of!

Keep ‘em peeled as there will also be some great new comedy and goth shows heading your way!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – February 2022

New shows on Mad Wasp Radio

Alan Read brings us a show featuring your favourite albums over the decades - each show will feature a different album - All Killer No Filler! Find this great show every month on the Friday 6pm monthly rotation slot. Next show Friday 18th Feb!

Who doesn’t love a bit of sweet Soul music? There’s RnB, Motown, Northern, Atlantic and Blue-Eyed, to name just a few, then add into the mix a little bit of Ska and Reggae and you have the Retro Soul Appreciation Society! Join Lita List every month on a Friday at 6pm and get yourself enrolled! Catch this new show this Friday at 6pm!

After his one off Special a while back John Dredge is now back by popular demand - we hear you listeners! Join John this Wednesday at 6pm for his show NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING!

Thanks for continuing to listen to Mad Wasp Radio and for the donations that help us to keep bringing you your favourite shows… we couldn’t do it without you!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – February 2022


Join Sarah Lewis and Junior Giscombe for #My80s Decade starting at 8pm UK time on New Years Day. For More information on the show you can click on the video!

Dee and David – Mad Wasp Radio – January 2022



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